How to Trim Tomato Plants, Easy Tips

Suckers, How to Trim Tomato Plants

Amelia, Big Boy, German Queen, Black Prince, Mountain Pride, Heat Master, and Beef Master are not musical band, nor a fictional character. They are tomatoes which add a variety of taste to your food. Tomatoes are of South American origin. Americans first introduced that wild version of the tomatoes to Spain. Later, Spain introduced it to the European natives. Whatever kind you love to add to your garden it demands appropriate care and pruning with time. Since pruning is according to the type of tomato plant, therefore, you must know how to trim tomato plants.

How to Trim Tomato Plants, Easy Tips
How to Trim Tomato Plants, Easy Tips

A fruit or a vegetable:

Some say tomatoes belong to the berry family. And it is a fruit because it consists of an ovary and seeds like all other fruits. On the other hand, it is served as a salad and cooked as a vegetable instead of dessert. Therefore, the tomato is a botanical fruit. But, society accepted it as a vegetable.

How to grow tomato:

Tomatoes are very easy to grow from cuttings or seedlings, but it is a sensitive plant that needs much care than other plants. For instance, proper fertilization, protection by fungicides, and pesticides are necessary. Trimming and pruning are compulsory to get better production. Fortunately, if you are a passionate gardener or you are an uncompromising chef who harvests their edibles in their home garden, this article is for you. Let’s explore how to trim tomato plants professionally.

Types of tomato:

Tomato is a dichotic plant. So, plant tomato vines in bulk. Due to self-pollination in tomatoes produce the least amount of production. Lots of tomato vines cross-pollinate each other. Resultantly, the outcome will be double in number. However, like other plants, the tomato plant also needs proper trimming to get maximum yield. There are two types of tomato plants, and you must know how to trim different tomato plant types to get healthy sprouts.


Trimming of tomato plant depends on the verity that you have chosen to grow. If you are planting a determined tomato plant, you don’t need to do much intervention. More trimming and pruning may harm the plant and its production. Naturally, Determine the verity of tomatoes directs its energy toward production. Like; better bush, heat master and mountain pride, etc.


Pruning and trimming of indeterminate verity are must for healthy growth. Indeterminate tomato plants grow like vines. Thus, it needs trimming and pruning. Like; a big boy, German queen, and beef master need much care rather than others.

Timing of pruning:

Commonly the pruning may occur when the plant starts yellowing its first set of leaves. So, when you notice the leaves are growing yellow. That is the best time for pruning your little bush. Early pruning is the best idea. Don’t panic if it is overgrown. Just trim it. For early pruning, the plant has to gain a length of 45 cm. Pruning an undersized plant can harm the plant. Probably, you need tools and plant trimmers for trimming. Plant pruning kit and trimmers are available on

Garden Shears, how to trim tomato plants
Garden Shears, how to trim tomato plants

So the question arises, how to trim tomato plants and when. Wrong-way trimming and wrong time pruning may counterproductive for the plant.

We discuss in detail the timing and method of trimming tomatoes below:

How to Trim Tomato Plants:

How to prune or trim tomato plants? You need to start pruning tomato plants when they grow about 1 – 2 feet tall. When your tomato plant has branches coming off the main stem. Use sharp and clean pruning shears to snip small sucker branches.

Remove dead leaves:

When a plant grows up, the first set of leaves changes its color naturally. The green leaves of the plant turn yellow. Yellow leaves consume lots of sugar and produce less. Do not hesitate. Just remove them. It will make your plant fresh and keep your plant disease-free.

How to Trim Tomato Plants
Dead leaves, How to Trim Tomato Plants

Remove Extra leaves:

The tomato plant is quite bushy. By the time it gains more leaves and branches that are not needed at all. To better grow a plant and its production, remove those extra leaves and branches called a sucker. Suckers grow in separating the main stem and secondary stem of the plant. Identify suckers and remove them carefully. Suckers usually do not harm the plant, but it affects the size of production. More sucker your plant bear means more but small size tomato you harvest.

Snapping Suckers:

While snapping suckers, keep in your mind that trimming a thick sucker is not a good idea. Removing a thick sucker may harm your plant. Just clip the tip of the thick sucker. If the scar gets a disease, it will take time to reach the main stem. Pruning and trimming of a tomato plant may occur all summer long. Pruning and trimming help the plant to grow healthy and quickly. The shoots on the top of tomato vines produce more fruits. Leave the top shoot of the plant untrimmed.

Suckers, How to Trim Tomato Plants
Suckers, How to Trim Tomato Plants

Use Support:

Tied plants to support and produce more fruit because wine-like plants need support. Otherwise, vine and fruit will rot.

Reuse Cutting for propagation:

Do not waste the cutting of the trimmed plant. Cuttings can produce a new tomato plant. For growing new plants from cuttings, keep cuttings in the vase of water for a few days. Small hairs on the stem of the plant grow as new roots. When roots grow, shift the cutting into the soil. The wasted trimmed shoots will produce a new baby plant of tomato.

Care Tip:

While trimming the tomato plant, keep in mind that the tomato plant is sensitive. Therefore, sterilize the trimmer or clipper before removing the suckers. Evenly wash your hands gently before touching the plant. And use fungicides on the scar of the plant. Fungicides are available on Amazon.

Cage the tomato plant for support. Otherwise, the tomato plant will fall with its weight.
The main objective of caging a plant is to keep the plant away from the soil and pests. The caged plant is easy to spray.
When leaves touch the surface, they can easily affect by pests and fungus. Trim or prune the bottom leaves to keep the plant away from the soil. Keep leaves away from the surface of the soil.
Cages and stakes are available on

Tomato Plant Support Cage
Tomato Plant Support Cage

 Hydroponic and Greenhouse Plants:

Pruning and trimming increase the production of fruit’s size and quality in the greenhouse supported plants and hydroponic tomato plants. The trimming increases the number of flowers and fruits in a plant. It increases the size and production of plants vigorously.

Now you know better how to trim tomato plants to have better production. Genetic engineers genetically modified tomatoes. The objective is to harvest better verity and enough tomatoes for the growing population. Engineers are working on the growth of the plant to carry out healthier production. Tomatoes are harvesting in fields, greenhouses, hydroponic systems, and home gardens.
So, don’t wait so long. Trim your tomato plant and harvest lots of production from your overgrown or young tomato plant.

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