How To Plant Sunflowers At Home, 4 Steps Guide!

How To Plant Sunflowers At Home

Sunflowers are excellent options for decorating the garden because they are hardy plants and easy to grow. If you want to learn how to plant sunflowers at home in the simplest way, do not miss the details below.

How To Plant Sunflowers At Home, Step by step guide
How To Plant Sunflowers At Home, Step by step guide

How to plant sunflowers step by step

Whether you want to plant sunflowers in pots or on the ground, it is essential to have enough space, because if something characterizes these flowers, they usually reach a high size. In fact, depending on the variety, some sunflowers exceed a few meters.

Here are each of the steps to learn how to plant sunflowers at home:

First step: Select the most suitable place

For this, all the requirements of this plant should be taken into consideration. For example, sunflowers are summer plants, This means they should be located in places that are exposed to sunlight, preferably directly.

In the same way, they are plants that do not tolerate excess humidity. Therefore, in addition to direct sunlight, they will need more drainage soil.

Step Two: Prepare the Soil

For sunflowers to grow in the best conditions, they will need nutrient-rich soil. This is obtained naturally through home composting. With this procedure, you can reuse organic matter to give life to your plants.

Step Three: Plant Sunflowers

Before starting this step, it is important to consider the date of sunflower sowing, which corresponds to the end of March and the entire month of April. You can buy sunflowers seeds from amazon.

There are two options when planting a sunflower. First, you can sow the sunflower seed directly in the field, at a depth of 2.5 centimeters. Well, it is a large seed that will not have major obstacles at the time of germination.

On the other hand, it is also possible to sow in seedbeds. However, it should be kept in mind that sunflower seeds usually grow and produce large roots. Therefore, you will need a transplant soon.

Now, if you want to sow several seeds simultaneously, it is best to do it with a separation of 15 to 20 centimeters apart. In the case of making rows, they must be separated by 60 centimeters. Remember that sunflowers grow and require full sunlight.

For example, sunflower plants can reach an average of 1.5 to 2.5 meters. With a head 25 centimeters wide.

Step Four: Sunflower Care

Once the plants start to grow, you will see that they do not need further care. However, there are some aspects that you can keep in mind. For example, as a plant that grows vertically, it will need help when it is strong enough to avoid wind damage. In that sense, the bamboo pole can be an ideal aid.

On the other hand, it is important to avoid the appearance of weeds. Because they not only worsen the condition of the plants but as a result, they also increase the chances of attracting pests or diseases. In the typical case of the sunflower, weeds often compete with this fast-growing plant.


Growing sunflowers requires constant but not excessive watering. To do this, one indication is to dry the soil between one water and the other. Well, excess moisture is the most common cause of damage to these plants.

How to sow sunflowers in pots?

If you want to learn how to plant sunflowers in pots, you should keep in mind that the procedure is similar to the previous one.

Here are some specific considerations:

  • The container or pot should be located with direct access to sunlight. As long as it has a balcony or terrace, it can be outside or inside the house.
  • The size of the pot is important, preferably the largest. Well, sunflowers are fast-growing plants that reach large sizes.
  • Selecting the most recommended variety of sunflower to sow in pots, in general, they are those plants that usually grow up to half a meter.
  • The soil in the pot must be prepared to obtain optimal drainage.
  • Like the planting of sunflowers in the field, the irrigation must be constant but avoiding excess humidity.

How to collect sunflower seeds?

This indicates that it is time to collect sunflower seeds when the plant heads begin to fall, and the seeds will begin to turn brown.


In this sense, there are two ways to collect sunflower seeds. The first is to remove them when they are mature, for example, when they begin to loosen on their own. In this case, it is recommended to cut the stem about 2.5 centimeters below the head ( cut with shears ) and rub the seeds with your hand. After harvesting is complete, they should be allowed to dry.

The second way is to collect seeds when two-thirds of them are mature. In this case, a longer piece of the stem must be cut and the head wrapped with a paper bag. It should be hung for 7 days in an area with adequate ventilation.


Regardless of the method used, sunflower seeds can be used or stored immediately. An airtight container is recommended for storage, thus, it can be kept in good condition for up to a year.

How To Plant Sunflowers At Home
How To Plant Sunflowers At Home

Sunflower seeds benefits

Thanks to the properties of the seeds, among its benefits we can mention:

  • They are rich in proteins that contain amino acids, including tryptophan. It is responsible for the production of serotonin.
  • Therefore, consumption of sunflower seeds is associated with a better mood.
  • In the same way, tryptophan regulates the appetite, therefore, sunflower seeds are recommended for weight loss.
    Similarly, tryptophan is associated with a better synthesis of melanton, a hormone that regulates sleep. Therefore, it is recommended to sleep better.
  • Sunflower seeds are rich in zinc, which is an important mineral for male fertility.
  • On the other hand, sunflower seeds are an important source of folic acid, for this reason, they are widely recommended during pregnancy.
  • Sunflower seeds are the best ally when it comes to improving hair health because their ingredients contain biotin and vitamin B.
  • Sunflower seeds are rich in calcium, in this sense, they are ideal for maintaining optimal bone health.

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