How To Plant Strawberries Indoors! Complete Guide

How To Plant Strawberries Indoors

Can you grow strawberries indoors all year round? Yes! Growing strawberries indoors may be an easier choice for many people. The scene of juicy strawberries brings water into the mouth. Plant strawberries indoors is a good option because you can manage such factors as temperature and light and expel all those troublesome outdoor critters. Keep reading for tips on how to plant strawberries indoors.

How To Plant Strawberries Indoors
How To Plant Strawberries Indoors

You can make many dishes with strawberries like fruit salad, ice cream, or shortcake and the strawberries shake is my favorite one. This healthy, aromatic, and beneficial fruit surprised you if you give them a chance to growing inside.

Factors for growing strawberries indoor


For growing strawberries indoors, your room temperature must be between 65° to 80° F. Colder and warmer both temperatures are adequate for them. The planting period starts from the spring and remains in the late Autumn.


The spot is not an issue for growing strawberries indoors because you can easily grow them on a flower stand with other ornamental plants.

A vertical growing system on the wall is the best option for it. But one point keeps in your mind: don’t crowd the plants so you can restrict them from rot and diseases.


Strawberry can endure the sunlight in summer. Strawberries require at least 5 to 6 hours of sun. It depends on the climate in which you are living. They can grow well in both sunlight or shade areas, but daylight is most desirable for them. If you are growing Strawberries indoors, you must manage artificial lighting for growing plants.


  • For the outside, the pollination process is easy, but indoors, it is a problem. Don’t worry; it is not a challenging process; you can do it with hand pollination.
  • The process starts when the strawberry petals are fully exposed.
  • Yellow-greenish strawberry flowers are female flowers called the pistil, and brownish flowers are male, called the stamen.
  • Use any makeup brush for the hand-pollination process– smoothly brush the pollen from the stamen to the pistil. Do this process with all flowers. Repeat this process daily, when the white petals begin to fall, leaving green sepal, which shortly grows a strawberry.

Varieties of Strawberry You Can Grow indoor :

There are three varieties of strawberries you can grow indoor.

  • June bearing strawberries (producing in — June!),
  • Ever-bearing strawberries (producing fruits twice a year).
  • Day-neutral strawberry(producing fruits thrice in a year).

Alpine strawberry is suitable for growing inside that keeps a more clumping habitat than ranging — it is an enjoyable thing if you have a space problem. Alpine strawberries belong to the Day-neutral and have an incredible cultivar adequate for indoor. If you provide them a favorable location, they will give you fruits all year long. The Alpine strawberries’ size is very small.

Requirements for growing strawberries?

  • Alpine strawberries require a large space to grow. You give them correct soil, water, and fertilizer once a month when they need it.
  • If you want to grow strawberries vertically, get a 3 feet height vertical container with 4 to 6 positions per row, keep it near a window, or use an equal lighting source.
  • You need slightly acidic soil for indoor strawberry plants with a pH range of 6.0 to 6.5. Use test kits to check the pH level of the soil. For better results, we require high-quality soil.
  • Also, use balance nutrients like nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium. If you use nitrogen excessively, your plants grow bigger, but it will affect fruit production. Use manure, compost, and fertilizer. Homemade compost reduces expenses.

How To Plant Strawberries Indoors?

  • Require a fresh, healthy strawberry
  • Use a toothpick to remove strawberry seeds from its skin.
  • Collect approximately 20 to 30 seeds on a plate.
  • Fill your seedlings tray, small container, or pot with soil.
  • Take one cup of water and add one teaspoon of natural oxidizer (hydrogen peroxide) to it—dip strawberry seeds for two to three seconds in this water.
  • Place the seeds on the container soil, and lightly sprinkle some soil on it.
  • Water it and maintain the soil moist but not wet. You can water it once a week.
  • Locate the container where it gets adequate sunlight.
  • Wait for 5 to 7 days. Almost after a week, you see the tiny plants coming out from the soil. If you get many plants, transplant them into separate containers or pots when they reach 1 to 2 inches long.

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Tower System For Indoor Strawberries

The Tower system is the best option to grow Strawberries indoors. You can grow approximately 50 to 60 plants on one tower.
The tower system is the most advanced form of container gardening.

How to Harvest strawberries

When your plants grow enough, and the fruit will form. You can pick a red color strawberry and consumed it daily.

How to Control Pests

When you are growing strawberries indoors, save your plants from mice and pets like parrots or sparrows because they can eat ripe fruit and damage the plants and dig the soil out.

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