How to Grow Potatoes at Home in bags or Containers


In this article, we learn how to grow potatoes in your vegetable garden is simple. Potatoes are not complicated to grow and easy to store for later use.

Why grow potatoes?

As a gardener, my first lesson is how to grow potatoes in a vegetable garden. Potatoes are easy to grow, and there is no need for complicated indoor seed starting or trellises; they’re an excellent crop for beginners as gardeners. Potatoes are also be stored after harvest in a dry and cool place.

How to Grow Potatoes

Potatoes are very easy to grow in a backyard garden, and only one plant will provide several potatoes. Each spuds varieties are easy to grow in the backyard garden, raised beds, or in containers.
Here are some tips that help you to know how to grow potatoes.

Location Where to grow potatoes

Decide a spot that receives full sun for almost 5 to 6 hours per day for best results. Try to make a Sun Map for your yard, and you’ll know the most suitable spot to grow low sun, full sun, and shade-loving plants.

How To Grow Potatoes In Containers

Potatoes are successfully grown in stacks of tires, buckets, raised beds, barrels, raised beds, any 1 feet deep containers, or traditional in-ground gardens. In last year I have grown Potatoes in containers instead of raised beds. This year I’m going to try the special growing bags for potatoes. The ideas come from my neighbor, who enjoyed using growing bags for their tomato plants.

special growing bags for potatoes
How to Grow Potatoes

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Spud Tub for Potatoes
Spud Tub for Potatoes | How To Grow Potatoes

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Starting potato plants at home

Seed Potatoes

The potatoes we use for planting called seed potatoes. For your seed potatoes, begin with organic, certified disease-free seed and purchase from a seed catalog or a garden supply center.
You can purchase Seed Potatoes from amazon.

Cutting and Cure Potatoes Before Planting

Seed potatoes require to be cut and dried before planting. Choose any potatoes that have the most eyes. Each eye equals a plant. Cut big tubers into 3 to 4 slices, and make sure every piece has at least one ‘ eye’ or sprout.

How to Grow Potatoes at Home
How to Grow Potatoes at Home

Put slices in a layer in the sun for the cure. If the weather isn’t promoting, you can leave the pieces on a paper towel in your kitchen for a few days. The cut surfaces become hard covering during the curing process, preventing the seed tuber from rotting after planting.

When to Plant Potatoes

Potato plants will not grow until your garden soil temperature has reached 8°C (45 degrees F). Potatoes require a bit of cold weather to grow well because they don’t produce in the hot days of summer.

Preparing soil for potatoes

Potatoes grow best in well-draining and loose soil. 50 percent compost and 50 percent soil mixture is perfect for growing spuds.

How to plant potatoes

To plant your potatoes begin with, dig a trench is 6-7 inches deep and put one slice of potato in each trench with the eyes pointing up. Space each planting holes or trench 2 to 3 feet apart. If you have limited space issues or want to grow baby potatoes, you can reduce the distance between holes or trench.
If you’re doing with a container, don’t fill it up and, make sure after the tuber is planted, your container has 6 to 8 inches of space at the top. This will give a place (hill) to your potato plant as it grows.

What is Hilling

Hilling is the technique in agriculture. To make this piling the soil up around the base of a plant.

Hilling potatoes

Growing spuds must protect from sunlight, and ‘hilling’ performs this and supports an abundant harvest.

When your plants reach 7 to 8 inches high, make a 3 to 4-inch hill around it. It is essential to protect the uppermost potatoes from sunlight. If you have seen some green potatoes, that means those spuds are exposed to sunlight too soon, and Don’t eat those green potatoes. Repeat this hilling process when your plant grows another 7 inches.

How To Water Potatoes Plants

Garden drip irrigation hose works most useful for potatoes. Overhead irrigation may injure young plants. Moreover, watering can point too much water on the plant’s head and too little to its roots wherever it’s required most.


When the plant produces flowers, you can harvest small new potatoes to dig up the plant. For a large harvest or mature potatoes, wait until your plants die.

How to Store Potatoes

For storing, wait for potato plants to die entirely. It’s excellent to dig up all of the potatoes and dry out the skins.

If you want to store for a long time, you need to cure your potatoes. This process requires some weeks in a dark environment, with moderate temperature and higher humidity (optional). You can use Potato Preserving Bag to store your potatoes harvest.

Potato Preserving Bag To Store Potatoes
Potato Preserving Bag To Store Potatoes | How To Grow Potatoes

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In my case, i put potatoes in paper bags for this. This process should thicken up the potatoes’ skins, and your potatoes should store for a long time in a dark and cold place.

Common Pests of potatoes

One of the most common pets who destroy your potato plants is the Colorado potato beetle. They appear in the summertime and lay yellow eggs on the bottom of your potato plants’ leaves.

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