How To Grow Mushrooms Indoor, 2 Simple Methods

How To Grow Mushrooms Indoor

This article is for you if you love mushrooms and want to learn how to grow mushrooms indoors. Mushrooms are tasty, healthy, and full of nutritious. You can grow this fantastic food indoors or outdoor with a little arrangement.

Below you find a full guide on how to grow mushrooms indoors:

Mushroom Best Varieties To Grow Indoors :

There are too many varieties of mushrooms that can be grown at home. The process of growing all types of mushrooms is similar, and it is not complicated. The most famous mushroom varieties among the gardeners are Shiitake mushrooms, White button mushrooms, and Oyster mushrooms. All these varieties grown process is the same, but there is a little difference, int the growing medium is changed for different types.

Growin Mediums :

  1. White button mushrooms like to grow in manure.
  2. Shiitake mushrooms are grown best in sawdust or hardwood growing medium.
  3. Oyster mushrooms like to grow on coffee grounds and straw growing medium.

I encourage all of my readers to always use the organic growing medium to grow mushrooms.

How To Grow Mushrooms Indoor At Home :

Getting Spores Or Spawn:

If you are a beginner at growing mushrooms, you are querying what spore or spawn is. In a simple definition, spawns are seedlings, and spores are seeds of mushroom.
You can grow your spawn from spores, or you can purchase spawns to save your time.

Grey Oyster Mushroom Spawn
Grey Oyster Mushroom Spawn

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How To Sterilize Growing Medium:

Previously i discussed the best growing mediums for indoor mushroom varieties. Sterilizing your growing medium is essential because several germs are present in the growing medium that may destroy your crop.

Here are two simple methods to Sterilize growing medium :

You can sterilize your medium in two ways.
Method1: Take a bowl and fill it with water and put your medium in a bowl. Now place the bowl in your microwave oven till the bowl water starts to boil.
Method2: Put your water bowl on the stove, add your medium in the water; when the water reached the boiling point. This process will destroy all the germs that are harmful to your mushroom crop.

How to Plant Mycelia On Medium:

The spawn of mushrooms containing mycelia needs to spread onto the medium to get healthy mushrooms. Hot indoor temperature is essential for the healthier growth of mycelia.

Simple process to grow the mycelia on medium :

Choose a container, pot, or tray, put the growing medium on top, and spread it with your hands.
Take some spawn and mix it with your growing medium. Be careful; sterilize all your tools first.

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Required Temperature :

The best temperature for mycelia is between 70-75 degrees Fahrenheit. If your room temperature has not met the required temp, you can use heating pads to get this temperature. Any darkroom or spot for a month is adequate for mycelia’s better growth.

Heating Pads
Heating Pads

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Proper Conditions For The Mycelia Container:

Mycelia will settle on your medium after a month or less. To continue monitoring the mycelia from time to time. If mycelia spread on all your mediums, you need to relocate mycelia’s container to a friendly and more proper place. The process required temperature is 50-60 degrees Fahrenheit and still needs a darkroom. Mushrooms grow toward the light, which means upward, so you can harvest them easily.

Harvest :

After the mycelia colonization, small growth of mushrooms will arrive in 20 to 25 days, and sometimes, it takes longer than a month. You will identify when mushrooms are available to harvest. Use a sterilized sharp knife to gather the mushrooms.

How To Grow Mushrooms Indoor
How To Grow Mushrooms Indoor

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