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Hobbies are inborn and transform in genetics, and so happened to me. Precisely in 2010, I find out my inclination towards gardening and my interest helped me a lot in gaining the information about it. My educational degree is in Computer Sciences. But my interest in gardening and planting helped me discover the most productive character that leads me to gardenri.com.


So that’s how the idea of gardenri.com began. Later on, I did a lot of research and lots of trials with a high success rate. Finally, it made me what you can say, “A Plant Keeper.” Later on, I planned to share my ideas and experiences to help others find the right way to enhance their gardening abilities.


The site gardenri.com has a wide range of topics that would include gardening and hacks to improve the yield and maximize the result with limited resources.

Our Mission:

Our mission behind gardenri.com is honest and sincere. We want to help the new gardener achieve the most reliable information about planting and specifically indoor gardening. We are eager to help you start from scrap to a blooming garden with limited means.


We are a responsible member of society and admit the value of being honest and accurate while providing you with the most independent and specific content from our web page gardenri.com.
All articles from gardenri.com are well studied and mostly based on self experiences with the latest technology. Therefore it reduces the most common planting methods.

Published Content:

We share versatile knowledge and ideas via gardenri.com that help you improve your garden daily. Besides, we are willing to provide you with the most useful hacks and information about the latest and new gardening tools.


However, we all don’t have big lawns and farms to fulfill our planting desire, but we share helpful tips related to gardening with scratches and limited resources.
Also, we provide you with a guideline about what to buy and how you can use the purchased product in multiple tasks.

Journey with us:

We will work hard to keep you updated with new articles and content for improving your gardening skills with gardenri.com. You can also find us on social media channels like Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest. You can help us with your experience reviews about the articles shared on gardenri.com.
If you have any inquiry or advice/reviews, please leave a comment.